[Harp-L] Wondershare Video Converter -- at SPAH

At the end of a SPAH workshop, I suggested to the instructor that the Wondershare video converter was a useful took for downloading YouTube videos to your computer and /or converting them to MP3.

The next step is using Amazing SlowDowner or Transcribe to slow the song down so you can hear all the notes cleanly. Not only can you slow down the recording, you can loop sections so you can focus on the hard parts.

In addition to slowing the song down, the pitch can be adjusted to bring the note back into real pitch -- if they were changed during the recording or the YouTube process.

BTW: Wondershare has several programs that record audio, video for both PC and Mac -- Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, Wondershare AllMyTube, Wondershare AllMyMusic.

I started out with Amazing SlowDowner on my Windows 2000 PC. Then when we got an iMac, I switched over to the iMac platform.


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