[Harp-L] Tips for SoundHound at SPAH

Some of the best ideas that can be picked up at SPAH include tips from fellow harp players that are not directly related to workshops at hand. 

Case in point, someone told me about SoundHound, an app that can be installed on a phone and used to identify songs.

It took me about a day before I got around to getting it installed on my iPhone. 

I had no success with Kim Wilson songs -- none was identified.

During the Todd Parrott performance only Amazing Grace was identified.

For Filip Jers, only Bluesette was identified during his set.

On the other hand, I listened -- as a passenger riding shotgun -- to the 50s station on SiriusXM in the car on the way home and it identified every song but one.

Now, being a really old guy, I heard most of these 50s songs when they were first played on AM radio in 50s -- if they were played in the Detroit area. So I knew the songs when I heard them. Remembering 20 titles is the difficult part. 

So the real benefit for me was to collect a "list" of the tunes I wanted to revisit when I got home.This is easier than keeping a written list or even dictating a list. 

PS I don't know why SoundHound was unable to pick up more tunes live at harmonica (SPAH) concerts. It might have been the program is not set up to work with high pitched instruments?

PPS  SoundHound also would be useful when you walk into a store or restaurant and hear a tune you recognize but can't name. Forget asking somebody in the store or restaurant -- nobody ever knows. 

PPPS I haven't tried it with TV commercials yet. (But I have looked up the background tracks (from old pop songs) by looking up the commercial on the web.) This ought to save me time.  

FYI <http://www.soundhound.com/>

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