[Harp-L] The Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award

I have cassette tape recording of Don Les given to me by Smo-Joe ten years ago.  Whenever I get the "big-head" 'cause I hit some lick I'd been practicing for.....I just play that tape and get humbled...over and over.  Thank you Smokey.....
Ron Burton--just west of the 'Glades and far South of where I would like to play
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> I believe that Don Les won the Bernie Bray award due to the fact he was an excellent bass harmonica player who was a member of the worlds most popular harmonica trio.
> His diatonic harmonica playing was amazing, and he was also was outrageously great at playing the 4 hole Little Lady, but both of those endeavors were considered novelties at that time.
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> > I was about to say that Madcat was the first diatonic player to win this award, then I thought about Don Les in 1991. Question for Madcat and other long-time SPAH members: Did Don Les win because of his bass harmonica playing? Did his diatonic playing factor in his win?
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