[Harp-L] Singing at the Jazz Jam

Yes there was one singer at the jazz jam.   I didn't care for it, but
others seemed to like it.   I didn't do much singing this year but thanks
for the compliment Smo-Joe!  I saw Johnny Hartmann sing once and he had the
ladies swooning!   Don't think I could ever pull that off!

As I recall,  I sang a bit in one of my hallway jams:  "I Didn't Know About
You" and "I'll Remember April".

My favorite vocal moments came in two blues jams when I got to sing Canned
Heat's "My Crime" in honor of our host city,  Denver.   Once with Jimi Lee
and Larry Spaulding,  and a couple of nights earlier with Paul Davies and
WIll Scarlett!    I'm so glad I got to sing that song in Denver,   I will
cherish the memory forever!

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