[Harp-L] a reason posts go missing

Size, send in a post with a lot of quoted text and html formatting it will
get held.  Our size limit is just under what the digest compile threshold
is.  The reason we do that is to keep people from inadvertently quoting an
entire digest to the list.  So please, quote less, a lot less and use
plain text if you can and if you're a gmail user be aware that Google
hides your quoted text from you so it's easy to accidentally send it along
with your post.

Nobody really noticed it but this past week harp-l was down for about just
over 24 hrs.  The reason was we ran out of disk space.  I added another 2
gig to get us up and running.  harp-l has zero ads.  We have to pay our
own way.  Quote less, make the digest readers happier and save harp-l some
money on storage costs.

thanks, harp-l-listowner

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