[Harp-L] harp player with the blues

hello friends 
I know I don't post on here very much, and yes the captainmadcat name kind of stuck after my charter boat years the boat was call the madcat and had a cat hanging off the back trying to claw at a salmon back there too.It was on lake Michigan,i hold a 100 ton masters licenseand had the boat for 15 years out there.. Ânot trying to steal madcats name or even try to be in the same class as he. I have been healing for just about a year now after a near fatal motorcycle accident. IÂtotaled Âmy 2011 ultra classic and my body in the process. broke my leg in three places and shattered my pelvis broke every rib in my body except one I think that's the one I play the harp with.i also was unfortunate to get a skull fracture with a brain injury. so I have forgotten most of what I ever learned and its slowly coming back but was wondering if anyone had any advise on this loss of memory at least the loss of the harp stuff. Its been a very long year and I am still not quite done just had a new hip to replace one of them that was broken badly. Not sure what's in store for the other and have to see how the leg is healing too lots of rods and screws. I want to get back to playing but I am not sure I have the get up and go its going to take. I struggle every day just to get out of bed? Some days I think my give a poop button is broken. I enjoy reading all of the posts on her and often visit the you tube sites that are posted.ÂI hope to some day attend spah and visit with some of the faces that theseÂnames go to until I can ride comfortably the distance i'll have to sit on the side lines on the disabled list.i am going to keep trying but its hard 
thanks DC. ÂÂÂÂ 

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