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Harbor Freight Tools sells very nice metal suitcases with foam and inserts  
for about $29.  I got one but by the time I put my harmonicas in it, it was 
 quite heavy...suppose it might be good for travel and it had locks.
I recently got the Hohner briefcase from Alto Music...It holds 20 diatonics 
 and several chromatics and tremolos...It is very nicely lined and nothing 
shakes  around...It locks...$39 with free shipping.  I have smaller cases 
for when  I don't need or want to carry so many harps.  It's a nice one.
Blues Girl Phyllis

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My first  true case was a small one from customharpcases... plastic with
metal  frames, but quickly outgrew that and it has become my mini amp and
mic  case... though that case is a godsend, after quite a night of
drinking...  I'll spare the details, but the contents inside the case didn't
experience  any issues. Just had to liberally clean the outside.

I picked up a  suitcase-sized gun case with foam already inside, I merely
cut out the  needed slots and fit most of my harps in there as well as lay
some button  harps in their small pouches in there and haven't looked back
since.  ( very early pic mid-hole cutting)
Case was  about 70 bucks, hard plastic meant to safely store firearms so
it's got  some heft to it alone.

If I really traveled a lot, odds are I would  drop a dime on a Pelican case
and fit my stuff from there. As nice as  wooden cases look, I look for
function over form!

On Thu, Aug 6,  2015 at 12:32 PM, Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Not wishing to hijack the thread, I have to commend Michelle for these
>  beautiful cases. Her craftsmanship is ne plus ultra.
>  I  constantly hear about using fishing boxes.
> IF made of styrene, I would  caution people to NOT use them. I know 
> instances where there  has been a near disaster.
> 1... One night at a waterfront restaurant  with a plank floor with spaces
> in it, Ed (the Coogster) Coogan had his  fishing box case
> topple over and splay all his harps on the deck. Only  luck provided that
> we didn't loose any of them through the floor and  into
> the water.
> 2...One day at a demonstration, I was dueting  with Charlie McCoy, when 
> case fell off a stool and hit the floor  and cracked.
> So....?. Me? I would suggest a 'real' case for  those who value their 
> smo-joe.
> On Aug  5, 2015, at 12:04 PM, Michelle LeFree wrote:
> > Tony Eyers  wrote:
> >
> >> Since 2008 I've been writing a column for  Harmonica World magazine. 
> >> initial brief was to write  about tuition, the scope has since expanded
> >> to anything  harmonica related. I'm now putting some online. The one
> >> below  is about harmonica cases, and how it took me 30 years to 
>  >> them properly.
> >>
> >>
> >>
>  > Tony, thanks for sharing this hard-earned wisdom about harmonica  
> Storage, transportation and quick and easy on stage access to  our
> collection of harmonicas have been an age-old problems that all  harmonics
> players wrestle with. It looks like you finally have a  solution that fits
> your needs.
> >
> > It's  interesting to note that my mere 15-year quest for a good solution
> to  carrying and storing my harps lead me to independently develop a top
>  opening, stand-up, 14-harp case nearly identical to Seydel one that  you
> describe (but for whatever reason I am only able to find their  12-harp
> model on their web site).
> >
> > Mine is  different though in that it is not made of cloth, but a leather
> shell  with a Kydex thermoplastic liner that separates and organizes the
>  harmonicas. It is about half the size of a six-pack, stands flat on an  
> stool or music stand and keeps your harmonicas high and dry.//It  is built
> to last so you will hand it down to your next generation  harper.//My
> clients appreciate it for its beauty, durability and  functionality. I 
> it at gigs because it is so quick and easy to  find and replace a harp on
> stage. Perhaps best of all, it costs little  more than one of today's
> higher-end OOTB harmonicas. You can see it  here:
> >
> >
>  >
> > Thanks for looking!
> >
> >  Michelle
> >
>  >

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