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We were sorry not to have Steve with us for the 2015 SPAH convention - it was a fine one. We'll be in San Antonio, Texas, in 2016, an are still scanning the horizon for 2017; we're hearing some intriguing possibilities but it's too soon to say much more than that.

International artists are always welcome, and Steve is much more than that. He's a primary authority on the diatonic harmonica, has a long history as a consultant to Hohner and an advocate for players within that fabled and industry-moving company. He's also an ambassador from Hohner to the players with a credibility that derives from his status as a player and artist. As a player, his excellence as an artist is enhanced by his unique Europe-based perspective on the blues tradition and its wider application to other styles.

The cost of overseas travel is always an issue. Some, such as Filip Jers, are able to secure grants to fund their SPAH attendance, some are able to thread the labyrinthine maze and expense of performing visas to enable touring and thereby fit in a SPAH visit, as with Brendan Power this year, while a few are supported by harmonica manufacturers. Here's hoping that once the dust settles with recent changes at Hohner, they'll see the value that Steve represents to the North American harmonica community.
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Regrettably I won't be attending. Hi to all my SPAH buddies, I'm sure you'll have a brilliant time. I'm off to Sweden for the weekend to play at HarpMeet in a place named Norrkoping. Hope to see y'all next year!

Steve Baker

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