[Harp-L] The Return of Jason Ricci: SPAH 2015

A Blockbuster SPAH 2015 in Denver!

It was good to see Jason back after an absence of many years. His musical message was loud and clear. A legitimate star performer like none other.

Two performances:

Tuesday SPAH Blowout: 29 min.  https://youtu.be/0GsgVioeIDI <https://youtu.be/0GsgVioeIDI>
With the Denver House Band: The Deltasonics.
(Unfortunately I forgot my video camera in the hotel and was forced to use my iPhone 6 Plus, handheld)

Thursday SPAH Main Stage: 59 min.	https://youtu.be/_HUh49_HQL8 <https://youtu.be/_HUh49_HQL8> 
Joined by singer, songwriter, guitarist JJ Appleton and Jason's previous New Blood bassist, Todd "Buckweed" Edmunds, who he hadn't seen in years. A guest appearance is made by Jason's fiancÃ, Kaitlin Dibble on guitar and vocals.

SPAH moves to San Antonio in 2016! Book your flights!


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