Re: [Harp-L] SPAH + new products

Garsh. You guys are making me blush (and you know who you are). Many thanks for the kind words. I wanna give you guys a big hug!

And yes, I will be at SPAH. Please say hey. I'm the tall gal in the tie dye t-shirts.

Greg Heumann has graciously allowed me to show a couple products that I'm introducing at this year's meeting in his booth. What a guy! They're a soft leather draw string case for bullet mic's and some pendants made from cover plates that I'm calling "HarpTags." They're an homage to military dog tags, this time handmade by me for "veteran" harmonica players.

I'm testing the water with a few examples that I've made from used cover plates. If there is sufficient interest, I'll order new ones, or if you have a favorite you can send it to me and I'll make your HarpTag to your exact specifications.

Right now, to keep costs down I have them in copper or brass. I could make them with silver or gold plate backing but the cost would rise accordingly. I could also have the cover plates themselves plated. The introductory cost for brass or copper will be $50 plus the cost of the cover plate (unless you provide one).

Here's a picture of my prototypes:

Thanks again for looking!


PS: If you're not going to SPAH you can always contact me at my email address.

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