[Harp-L] Selling Merchandise at SPAH - Unofficial

I want to remind the list of all the great vendors such as Blows Me Away,  
Lone Wolf, Blue Moon, Seydel, Suzuki, Hohner, George Miklas, Harmonica  MD, 
Danny G, Pullmonica and the many others who support SPAH  year after year 
via their vendor fees  and kind sponsorships.  
In general you have to rent a table in the vendor area if you want to  sell 
merchandise at SPAH.  There is some allowance for  private one-on-one 
sales, but please pay due respect to the folks  who pay the vendor fees and keep 
those things private  things private.  
I think most aren't aware and aren't deliberately  sidestepping the vendor 
regs.  So far no big deal this year, but  public announcements on forums 
such as this do seem to infringe.  It's  touchy, in the past some have gone 
beyond  what's appropriate.
The vendors miss out on the fun stuff all day long while they are servicing 
 your needs.  I've been on that side of the counter, it's a ton of  work.  
Technically, at spah you CAN have your cake & eat  it too... but it isn't 
fair to the loyal vendors, for some this is  their principal livelyhood.
Unofficial, I don't have a hand in vendor relations, just  expressing my 
BTW, the vendor area at SPAH is open to the public.  If you're local  and 
not registered for the convention, you can still stop by for some great  
deals on all things harmonica!  I think the vendor hours are 9am -  5pm

Christopher Richards 
Staging & Production - SPAH   _www.spah.org_ (http://www.spah.org) 
Producer - International Blues Blowoff   

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