[Harp-L] The International Blues Blowoff (SPAH Blowoff)

It's THIS coming Tuesday in Denver.  This is the first year  I've had 
advance tickets available, they are almost sold out, get them soon  as possible 
if you plan on attending.  If the venue works it correctly  I should have 
some tix to sell at the hotel Mon & Tues, but no guarantee of  that until they 
are in my hands on Mon.   
Here's the link to the official web page:  www.  
Soiled Dove Underground  7401 E 1st Ave  Denver, CO    Doors at 6, music 
7pm - 12:30am
It's an upscale national room in a safe neighborhood.  Free off  street 
parking.  No shuttle this year.
Located under a big restaurant called 'The Tavern'.  Separate outdoor  
entry down a flight of steps.
Disabled and artist load-in entrance via an elevator in the  Tavern, all 
others enter by the stairway.
The Soiled Dove serves a limited but sufficient menu from The  Tavern.
9 to 11 miles from the hotel depending on the route, I recommend I-70  
west, to I-225, To Alameda Ave West, to Quebec St north, to 1st Ave east,  then 
it's 1 block up on your left.  Outbound from hotel will be  rush hour, allow 
25 to 40 min depending on traffic.  Return  trip should only take 15 min.
The return of Jason Ricci this year!  Plus Koei Tanaka, Ronnie  Shellist, 
Jimi Lee, The Delta Sonics, Dale Spalding, Johnny Long, Will  Scarlett, Nic 
Clark, Todd Edmunds, AC Blue, Winslow Yerxa, SPAH Youth  Showcase, Joe 
Filisko w/Eric Noden... plus a surprise guest or two I'm  not allowed to announce.
Held in conjunction with the 52nd annual SPAH convention, where you  blues 
fans will also be treated on Thursday night to Al Chesis with the  Delta 
Sonics (again), Jason Ricci (again) and Kim Wilson!  
Howard Leavy will headline the Wed night show, which is free to the public, 
 Michael Rubin will host a variety segment that night as well..  The entire 
 week is STACKED with great talent throughout, including classical great  
Alexandra Muller from Germany, The Harmonicats, Phillip Jers, Koei Tanaka, 
Todd  Parrot, Tin Sandwich and a lot more... whew!
Again, blowoff details at www. harmonicaplanet.com/blues-blowoff   Don't 
delay on getting tickets.
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com 
Producer - International Blues Blowoff
Staging & Production - SPAH www. spah.org

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