[Harp-L] Richard Sleigh Light Box Prototype - For Sale/ At SPAH

 Greetings to all:

I will be at SPAH this year.  Very excited as its my first time and I hope to meet some of you there in person.  

I will be bringing with me a early prototype, Richard Sleigh- light box that I am offering for sale.
I have recently built a new one based on Richard's more recent designs.  The original prototype still works great and has option for additional modifications for those so inclined.  I have used it as my embossing station for several months with good results.

If you are interested in the light box and will attending at the SPAH conference,  please contact me off list for pricing and to hold in reserve.  I have more info and pictures available upon request.

The design is very similar to this version:



Burke Trieschmann- Audio Producer
Open Door Productions/ Open Door Harmonicas



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