[Harp-L] Jacob Venndt: Virtuoso on the DoubeChromatic

Wow! Check out this video of the Great Dane Jacob Venndtâ tearing out all the stops and pushing all the sliders on the new DoubleChrom (Double Chromatic Harmonica). 


Jacob is a musical phenomenon, a player of over 20 instruments to a professional level. Highly schooled in both jazz and classical music, he has the musical intelligence to relish the myriad new possibilities the DoubleChrom offers.


He does some VERY clever beatbox-harp at the end too. Iâve never heard harp-boxing on the chromatic before, made me laugh out loud :-) 




Itâs an honour to have a great musician such as Jacob take such obvious pleasure in exploring the DoubleChrom. Makes me feel all the struggle to create it was worthwhile J



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