[Harp-L] Anybody going to SPAH?

I will be at SPAH as both a Student/Participant/Party Animal and a Vendor.
I will have a Vendorâs Booth but I only plan to be open for business a few
hours a day.  I have missed out on too much of the learning and the fun in
previous SPAHs so this year Iâm going with the idea of feeding the right
side of my brain.

That said, I will have plenty of goodies available for you to fondle,
inspect, salivate over and try out.

Custom Combs â of course I will have plenty of beautiful custom combs for
Hohner, Seydel and Suzuki diatonic harmonicas.

Suzuki Harmonicas. I will have an assortment of Suzuki harps available at
reasonable prices.   As a Suzuki Dealer, I can purchase reed plates and
covers as separate components and then build complete harps using my custom
combs.  I flat sand the draw plates, change the temperament to Modern
Compromise and adjust the gaps for improved response.  They are better than
OOTB harps for not a lot more money.

Special 20âs.  Late last year I came out with CNC milled recessed combs for
the Special 20 the Seydel Session models.  They have proven to be a huge
hit.  So in addition to having the combs available as components I will
also have an assortment of completed Special 20âs.  These harps have flat
sanded draw plates, are tuned to Modern Compromise Temperament @443 Hz and
the gaps are adjusted for improved response.  They are vastly superior to
stock Special 20âs.  Hereâs JD Taylor doing a brief demo.


Blue Moon Plunz Special 20âs.  These are double reed plate Special 20âs.  I
custom designed a comb to accommodate the double thick plates offered by
Plunz Special Harps and the result is wonderful.  Check out a video made a
couple of months ago by Ronnie Shellist.


I will have the Double Reed Plate Special 20âs in a variety of keys and
with a variety of combs including Brass, Corian, Fancy Acrylic and Anodized

Pre-War Marine Bands.  I have accumulated a good supply of pre-wars and
will have some with the original pear wood combs and some with Blue Moon

Richard Sleigh Reed Removal Tool.  Richard Sleigh recently commissioned me
to make a reed removal tool that he designed.  He created a short video
demonstration using one of the prototypes and offered the tool at a
pre-production discounted price.  The response has been slightly


For those of you who pre-ordered a tool, you can expect to receive it in
the mail very soon.   I have delivered the first batch to Richard and he is
busy boxing them up and getting them out.   I will have a few of the tools
available at SPAH for sale and demonstration.  Iâm hoping Richard will
produce an updated video because the final version of the tool has been
improved significantly.  We incorporated some additional features which
were suggested after the prototype video was released.  Iâll just display
the tools and let Richardâs video do the talking.

Powder Coated Covers.  For those of you who are into the colorful cover
plates, I picked up a fresh batch of covers just in time for SPAH.

Lastly, I will be hosting a workshop on Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 â
4:30PM.  âEverything you always wanted to know about custom combs but were
afraid to askâ.  The title is a little tongue in cheek but the reality is
that the demand for custom combs has been way too strong for too many years
for it to just be a fad or a passing fancy.  There truly are some benefits
to using custom combs and I will explain how and why.  Itâs all pretty
simple really.  I did this workshop at the recent Harmonica Collective and
it was well received.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.  Please stop by my
booth and say hello.

Tom Halchak


*Tom Halchak*
*Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC*
*P.O. Box 14401 Clearwater, FL 33766*
*www.BlueMoonHarmonicas.com <http://www.BlueMoonHarmonicas.com>*
*(727) 366-2608*


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