[Harp-L] Harp Case For Sale

I have a brand new Extreme Protection Harp Case that I got from Eagle  
Music  It is fur/velour lined, has 14 pockets (7 on each side and 2 large  
zipper pockets on each side for more harps or other gear.  It is well made  
cordura nylon and has a carry strap.  It is bigger than I thought it would  be so 
will not use it...got something else.  You can see pics at Eagle  Music.  I 
paid $82 and will sell it for half that...it's brand new.
Please e-mail me at _Phyllis731@xxxxxxxx (mailto:Phyllis731@xxxxxxx)  if 

Blues Girl Phyllis

Gratitude  bestows reverence...changing forever how we experience life and 
the  world.
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