[Harp-L] Tony Eyers harmonica cases

@ Michelle LeFree

The Seydel belt case has loops for 12 diatonics, but can easily hold two
more, one on each end, between the harps in the loops and the outside of
the case.  I have a couple cases I use this way, as portable modules I can
carry in various other cases depending on my need for backup harps, cables
and mics at that time.  I also have a Seydel 6 harp case that can hold 8 in
the same way.

By the way, your cases are beautiful, and like the Seydel belt cases, to me
they are a much more practical design than tool roll type harmonica cases
or belts that have to be rolled out on a table or worn like a belt.  This
design allows easy access to many harps in a small package, and they can be
brought as they are or placed in other larger cases to haul more gear.

Doug S.

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