Re: [Harp-L] Tony Eyers harmonica cases

Tony Eyers wrote:

Since 2008 I've been writing a column for Harmonica World magazine. The
initial brief was to write about tuition, the scope has since expanded
to anything harmonica related. I'm now putting some online. The one
below is about harmonica cases, and how it took me 30 years to organise
them properly.

Tony, thanks for sharing this hard-earned wisdom about harmonica cases. Storage, transportation and quick and easy on stage access to our collection of harmonicas have been an age-old problems that all harmonics players wrestle with. It looks like you finally have a solution that fits your needs.

It's interesting to note that my mere 15-year quest for a good solution to carrying and storing my harps lead me to independently develop a top opening, stand-up, 14-harp case nearly identical to Seydel one that you describe (but for whatever reason I am only able to find their 12-harp model on their web site).

Mine is different though in that it is not made of cloth, but a leather shell with a Kydex thermoplastic liner that separates and organizes the harmonicas. It is about half the size of a six-pack, stands flat on an amp, stool or music stand and keeps your harmonicas high and dry.//It is built to last so you will hand it down to your next generation harper.//My clients appreciate it for its beauty, durability and functionality. I love it at gigs because it is so quick and easy to find and replace a harp on stage. Perhaps best of all, it costs little more than one of today's higher-end OOTB harmonicas. You can see it here:

Thanks for looking!


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