Re: [Harp-L] Country tuned harps: a tuning chart

Jim Lucas wrote:

I want to convert some of my Crossovers to country tuned harps.  I've used
the table on this web site:

Any suggestions for finding a similar chart for country tuning?

Pat Missin has taken the trouble to document just about every tuning scheme known to man in a series of text files. The series also contains other goodies like a file called "slots.txt" that lists the reed slot dimensions for many, many harmonicas. A wealth of information, free of charge thanks to Pat's hard work and generosity.

The zip file is downloadable via the "Click here to get a copy of it completely free." link near the top of this page from Pat's extensive site:

It is well worth any harmonica player's time to familiarize themselves with this content-rich web site.

And, have fun!


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