[Harp-L] Head Cutting

Head Cutting makes you better. Been playing harp for bout ten years now.All
gospel in the cogic church. Believe it or not got my head cut/butt kicked
in church quite often. Started playing out bout two years after I started.
It started with the organist ether playing at full blast or switching keys
in middle of a song. Then the guitar he played with a capo so he didn`t
really change keys but he would play at full volume with the organ on top
of that he wore finger picks on three fingers so we would all ways have
speed duels.With all this combat it made me go out and get a 60 watt tube
amp then i had to get a feed back killer so i could turn up then learn were
to place the amp and mic to get the least feed back.Then i had to learn to
shred to the high end of the harp that would shut every thing down . Note
this most of the time would happen during shouting music or when the
congregation would go in to a praise dance.So i had to come up with a lot
of caughy licks looped that i could make go on and on if I had to...

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