[Harp-L] limits?

Hey, I'm told I upset Bob, with whom I was, I thought, agreeing...when he typed

" It always saddens me to hear people focus on the harmonica's limitations"

and responding to the  "whatever floats yer boat" poster.....one of the non-Bob people, I believe.

I agree with whoever wrote "It always saddens me....."

and believe that if you consider that the instrument is so limited, you might want to rethink that.

and that effects, used as addition to ideas, are just fine.

that's the way I see it.... 

I also hardly ever kick small dogs or tease cats by giving them double sided tape to play with.

On Oct 30, 2014, at 9:06 AM, harp-l-request@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> Whatever floats yer boat. We certainly love our pure vintage tube amp raw sound/tone, however, I am of the opinion that our instrument is so limited that I am always looking for anything to change things up, keep things fresh and keep the audience entertained.  
> It always saddens me to hear people focus on the harmonica's limitations. All instruments have strengths and limitations. Being able to express the sounds in your head on your chosen instrument is what separates the true masters from everyone else. This is not to say we shouldn't experiment with effects or other ways of manipulating sound but I think we sell ourselves short when the starting point is the instrument's limitations.


The philosopher Socrates, discovered to his dismay that he was the smartest person in Athens merely because he, and he alone, recognized how ignorant he was.

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