[Harp-L] Re: Sometimes

I have to agree with Robert.  Although I prefer using a good  tube amp & 
bullet mic sans any effects, I sometimes hear  players who get wonderful 
results via other choices.  
Go with what speaks to YOU, spread that particular gospel far  & wide if 
you choose.  Yet when doing so we  should remember to leave room for opinions 
which may not be in  concert with our own. 
Christopher Richards 
_www.harmonicaplanet.com_ (http://www.harmonicaplanet.com)  
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Fortunately, we are each free to express as we choose. I will  continue to
delight audiences with my RP355 and Richard Hunter's patch set.  Y'all carry
on, as well.

I avoid stereotype, blanket explanations  about this wonderful thing called
music. (Oops, was THAT an  over-generalization??) <grin>

Robert  Hale

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