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In europe (russia included), you find a lot of clarinets. You can find it
in gypsy jazz, jazz, klezmer, ska, traditional music, french music ...
Traditional music bands often have several clarinettists.

Here are some bands I saw recently playing clarinet :
- Kermez à l'est (klezmer-punk)
- Les sourds y dansent (traditional - french music)
- 13 Gypsies (gypsy - traditional music)
- Skarbone 14 (ska punk)
- Les taupes qui boivent du lait (klezmer)
- Les ogres de Barback (french music)

For hamonicist lovers, you can listen to Mariano Massolo Quinteto
(American), that's gypsy jazz mixing mainly diatonic harmonica and clarinet.

Each continent has its culture and its musical background. Happily for me,
Europe is still a continent where acoustic instruments are strongly
appreciated. Nowadays, internet makes it easy to discover music from other
cultures, you just have to look for what you want to listen.

Best regards,

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