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Thanks Warren,

I have had the same experience and recommend to all beginner to
intermediate players that tone comes from just you and the harp first, and
mic/amp/effect combos added with and to that. Not a big fan of the "one
size fits all" tube amp / "cupped" bullet mic "effect" for EVERY song.
Practice good hand, throat and articulation (and did I mention practice)
without a mic, but remember to also practice WITH a mic to build good mic
technique alongside what you do with just the harp.

NO good and professional player I have ever heard or seen (most recently
Charlie Musselwhite and James Cotton) plays every song with at tightly
cupped harp and bullet mic all the time. They open their hands, fingers
(and nose and throat) to create a range of tone for each song. AND... John
Hammond (who played with them) plays his harp in a rack with his guitar and

All that said.. there is a very good and evolving place for pedals and FX.
Be very intentional about each new sound you create, matched to the emotion
and color of the song, and use all 64 colors in the box.


On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Ben Bouman <benbouman16@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, I feel the same ....
> Just an example...  when you check these videos you will see that I only
> use the vocal mic. We were asked to play without the drummer and so we did.
> I love doing it !!
> Here you can find the videos with the MarbleTones in the UK 2014
> <
> kindest regards, met vriendelijke groeten,
> Ben Bouman
> <>
> <>
> <>
> > Op 27 okt. 2014, om 17:02 heeft Warren Bee <wbharptime2@xxxxxxxxx> het
> volgende geschreven:
> >
> > Sometimes I just play my harp into a microphone with nothing in between
> it
> > and the amp/PA. The sound can be quite unique with some creative throat,
> > tongue, lip and lung manipulation. Long ago I learned that the more I
> > played without pedals the better I sounded with the pedals! Just a point
> I
> > felt like making today for the newbies and wannabees and the "tone
> > challenged". Your brain and repertory system is the most incredible
> effect
> > pedal in the universe!
> >
> > love and peace to the harp world!
> >
> > wb

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