[Harp-L] The Irish Session Harp: New Video

Back in 2000 when I started my website and began selling custom harmonicas,
one of my unique models was the ‘Trad Session Harp’. This was in the form
of a 12 hole chrom but with the two main keys of Irish music inside, D and G
- one scale for each reedplate. The slider had no spring, so the player
could instantly switch scales in the same harmonica for easy key changes
within sets of tunes by pushing the slider in, or leaving it out.

I sold it from 2000-2006. Seydel have since come out with their Sampler
model based on the same idea. I’ve now revitalised my original model and
renamed it as the ‘Irish Session Harp’. Here’s a short video explaining
how it works:


Brendan Power
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