[Harp-L] shout out and thanks

Just wanted to give a shout out and a big thank you to Andrew Zajac for his great web page and instructions therein.  I bought a french tuner from him that is absolutely essential in rapid and hassle free tuning, and he sent me to a great place to get an inexpensive engraver.  I spent a happy afternoon yesterday playing with my new toys.  Cleaned and tuned 4 harmonicas and 
re-tuned one of my richters to Melody maker tuning, and made a couple more Paddy Richters.

The cool thing about the engraver is that it doesn’t seem to distort the sound which filling sometimes does.  Or maybe I am just a crappy filer… dunno, but it works.  

Now if someone could tell me of a good way to GAP steel reeds, I will be in harmonica heaven.

Jude (who loves PR, MM, and Spiral tunings!)

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