[Harp-L] A $7-800 amp?

First of all -- many thanks for the input on my RP--PA conundrum. It´s a process that maybe -- or maybe not -- will be sorted out in due time and I´m grateful for the pointers given.

  Meanwhile, I´m being offered a brand new amplifier by a generous man, as a go to-item when that is handy, and complementeing the RP setup. It´s meant as payment for stuff I´ve recorded for him, and I´m not sure if I can accept it, but if I do it´s going to be a case of us buying a amplifier in a store here in Gothenburg and not him giving me money -- that would not be acceptable.
  We have started looking and I tried a Fender Blues Jr the other day, and it was made clear to me that this could be something. My friend is very much into tubes and if he´s going to sponsor something I´m pretty sure he´ll find it more meaningful with a tube amp. (The stuff we record together is mostly blues.)


My question is, in this price range, some $7-800, would that be a good thing to buy?
  I´ve noticed that people use it for harmonica, but my ignorance in the sound department is vast. What I´m looking for primarily would be an amp with enough volume for smaller gigs, and a decent blues- as well as clean sound.
  Would I be better adviced to look elsewhere.

Thus wonders,

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