[Harp-L] Harp and Soul harmonica course

Hi guys!!!!!!finally i finished my Harp and Soul harmonica course!!!!!!!it was a helluva work as i tried to feature many things related to harp,like amps,effects,tunning and repairing ,styles,or even a chapter on legendary harp players.......besides obviously the course itself .It is for  newbies ,so  i teach the basics etc... although people who already got some level can learn a few things too...also there are nice pdfs with some more deep musical theory related to the harmonica  ...... i mention several sites,and obvioulsy this harp forum is there!!!!!......nobody from here gonna learn nothing as all of you i suppose are experienced players...but  hey !! just take a look at the trailer in youtube that you can find in the web site www.harpandsoul.info and tell me what you think!also gotta tell you that is harp and soul thing intends to be a series.....where i will put out more courses ,for different levels,on different chapters,and also from different harmonica players,not just me....the next course is already recorded and almost finished and it gonna be harp and soul Latino...a latino music song book.......hope you guys like the idea!cheers!MARCOS COLL www.marcoscoll.comwww.losmightycalacas.comwww.facebook.com/marcoscollharpReichenbergerstrasse 59 10999 Berlin 		 	   		  

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