Re: [Harp-L] More new tech - the Seraphone

Though admittedly fairly far off-topic, since there have been several resent posts about new technology I though I'd toss the new "Seraphone" into the mix.

I was watching the dynamic French Celtic group, "The Doolin' Band," and noticed an intriguing instrument that looked like a giant wooden melodica, but didn't sound like one. I had to investigate. It turns out that it is called, the "Seraphone."

It turns out that this free reed instrument is similar to other melodicas but it plays with both blow and draw reeds. This means, amongst other things that it is capable of single-reed bends. Apparently the owner, Marc Serafini, also built it and is offering new ones for a mere 3,000 Euros.

Anyway I thought some of the free-reed afficionados on the L might enjoy knowing about this new (at least to me) instrument. If so, here is a page from a melodica forum that tells more about it.

Happy Holidays from the Rocky Mountain West,


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