[Harp-L] Re: Ultimate half-valved chromatic tuning

Thanks for that info Brendan!  I just retuned some reedplates to Powerchromatic and am looking forward to exploring the possibilities.  
David Pearce


David Pearce wrote heâd like to alter my PowerChromatic tuning (C/D, E/F#,
G/A, A/B, C/D, etc., all the way up the harp) for his own purposes to:

âC/D, E/F#, F#/G, A/B, C/D, etc..

Would there be a disadvantage in terms of chords to changing the repeated
note from an A to an F# as shown in the above example?â

Yes: youâd lose a draw bend. The whole point of this tuning is that all the
draw notes bend, but F# and G are only a semitone apart, so you couldnât
bend the G. A better way to get the sound youâre after is to leave the
tuning as it is but play in D. Then the sound is much like playing a blues
harp in 2nd position

Brendan Power

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