Re: [Harp-L] Re: When The Saints Go Marching In - Sam Friedman & Friends

Itâs a little too noisy for me. Iâve played âSaintsâ with a trumpet player at a hootenanny-type of show, and we hit note-for-note and interplayed.  I think we only had a piano player on the side.  And I had never worked with these people before.  Love for the instrument and a little talent go a long way.

On Monday, November 24, 2014 10:08 AM, Robert Coble <robertpcoble@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I love your playing! You are so emotive and expressive, and a veritable master of using overblows skillfully. The group had a good vibe overall.
My only quibble: try to get the drummer to TONE IT DOWN some. 
You were able to "cut through," especially on the higher notes,but the piano was barely discernible, even after you raised the "lid,"and the guitar and bass were virtually non-existent in the mix.
I realize it was an acoustic setting (apparently) but the drummerdrowned out too much of the other instruments.
I think the drummer is highly skilled; just TOO LOUD for ME!
Regards,Crazy Bob

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