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Some  time  ago, Michael Timler's harponline.de died, I think so Michael and his family could stop spending their days putting reeds and valves into plastic bags while Michael went door to door selling them to The Needy (That's us) . For my site, I 'borrowed' their great tutorial on how to  replace nails with bolts on the 270 and 270-ish chromatics.

I see now that they've put up the old site as a historical reference. It may have been there all along, and I may have missed it.

the url is http://harponline.de

and the password, if asked and if your standard "Groucho Sent Me" doesn't work, is to  put "harponline" in both the fields when accessing the protected area.

This site was (and apparently still is, minus the store part) really the best for more than a few DIY or SIUY (screw it up yourself) tasks for chromatic harmonica, although hohner now has some pretty good videos. Harponline might have had diatonic info as well. While the terms of my Parole (and good taste) forbid my playing diatonics in the presence of people with functioning ears, there might be some information there on that as well, for those who are  diatonically-inclined. 

The original site seems to be intact, and is probably still a great source for learning a lot of things, not so much for the Buying of Stuff.

I think Michael works for Hohner now, so his family is probably still stuffing reeds and valves into tiny packets, but probably making more money than he was paying them, and probably has weekends off.

That man knows stuff. His packets of Deluxe Replacement Reeds are certainly life-savers for me. I don't think Hohner sells reed sets like that today. I could be wrong.... I'll ask my wife, who generally points out those times I've been wrong, usually starting with "I hate to tell you, but...." I think people who say they "Hate to tell you...." something, really don't hate it that much, I hate to say.


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