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I'm trying to find a Harmonica Honker Mic with Personal Monitor (Hearamp) made by Alan Elliot of Long Beach Ca. who passed away March 2014. The Honker has a 4'-foot cord to the Ring Microphone with a volume control in a all-rubber neoprene housing an is a electret condenser microphone element. You can control your tone with a pan-port that fades between pure, clean concert harmonica to raunchy with a twist on the dial  on the ABS plastic Beltpack Honker Box with XLR LOW-Z cord. I would also be interested in the Beltpack unit with the 1/4" jack.
James R. Hearron  @ 522B FRONT STREET.......NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA 71457
CELL: 1-318-332-8127
E-MAIL: designer_@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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