Re: [Harp-L] Hole order to learn overblows? 6 blow then what?

Opus314 wrote:
<Well I'll be darn'd. I think I just learned how to over blow hole 6... and
<on a Lee Oskar believe it or not.

I've been playing Lee Oskars since the mid-1980s (along with other makes and models), and LO harps can definitely be overblown.  However, the overblown notes tend to be relatively unstable compared to certain other makes and models, meaning that it can be musically dangerous to hang on to an overblown note on an LO.

I mostly use overblows for passing tones, or in other situations where they're not carrying a lot of musical weight in a line, whether I'm using a Lee Oskar or not.  However, if you choose to really lean on those overblows, you'll probably find that you get more consistent and musical results with something other than an LO; for example, a Manji, or a Seydel, or (roughly in the LO price range) a Special 20.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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