Re: [Harp-L] Stevie Wonder Fragile Which Chromo?

At what point in the video does he  play the notes you cite? I don't hear them.

Or maybe I should ask what you're using as a pitch reference to give you notes of F# minor? The tune is without question in F minor.

Are you listening to the same Youtube video as the one given in the link by Buck?

In the cited clip, Stevie's solo starts at 1:38 and he plays:

Bb, (then a little slide ornament), C repeated and sustained, C Eb Db C (C-Db-C) Bb, Ab, (G-Ab-G) F G, and so on.

Pretty much every note he plays in the entire solo is in the F natural minor scale:

F G Ab Bb C Db Eb


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I'm confused here, when Stevie plays the melody line in that video he is playing the notes of:

F# G# A B C# D E F#  - that's definitely what I hear

Isn't that A Major or F# Minor - how is that melody in F Minor?

What am I missing here?


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Stevie always records using a four-octave chromatic in C. Every now and then he will pitch-shift the tape up or down a semitone, as he did with Chakha Khan's "I Feel For You" (Tune is is in F# major, he downshifted the pitch to record it playing in F) or his own "Do I Do" (comes out in B major but played in Bb).

His solo on this clip is in F minor, not F#. And definitely on a C chromatic. Your CBH would work fine for this.


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I'm trying to learn more about playing chromatic and I love Stevie Wonder's style. Where can I find more info regarding his playing and particularly what harmonica's he uses.
Thus far the only time I use my chromatic is for blues in dorian mode, either playing in minor or minor over the major.
This one (Fragile) seems to be in F# minor. What is he using and which key is the instrument in?
I have 2 chromatic harmonicas. Both are Hohners. A CBH 2016 in C and a Super Chromonica 270 in G
Thanks in advance,
Buck Worley                          

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