Re: [Harp-L] help! in dire need of low F#

I also use low F# harps a lot, and still have a few of the old SP 20s in low F#. They're great - but Hohner doesn't make them anymore. I was in need of a new one or two and talked to RockinRon - he told me that for some reason Hohner makes low F# reed plates, even though they don't make low F# harps. I know - that makes no sense - I think they are Marine Band Deluxe reed plates, but I bought one from RockinRon a couple of weeks ago and he checked with Hohner and they said it would retrofit onto a Crossover in G. 

Seydel makes a low F# in a couple of models too. I like the 1847 version OK, but not the Session Steel version. 

Suzuki's new low keyed Manji does not come in a low F#. 

Ross Macdonald 

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You could make one out of a low F. That's what I did. 
Steve in frigid Minn. 

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> On Nov 17, 2014, at 9:03 AM, Thomas J. Casey <tjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Dire need of low F# - am told hohner not making the special 20s in this key. 
> 4 or 5 years ago I bought a Seydel from a fellow in North Carolina I 
> believe. I can't find his email and must have accidentally deleted it. Any 
> help??? Thanks!!! 
> TJ Casey 

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