Re: [Harp-L] Tommy Reilly Plays Handel and Stevie Wonder?

I thought that interview looked familiar - and very good on diatonic, not what you'd expect from any old talking head on TV. Tommy doesn't do so badly on the Stevie Wonder number, either. They're not trying to duplicate Stevie's funkiness, after all.

Winslow Yerxa

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>> A friend just pointed me here:

>"I" ...would actually like to know the name of the interviewer.  Yes, I'm funny that way.

This was the first program by Paul Jones (ex Manfred Mann, Blues Band ...)
as an interviewer on his new Channel 4 TV show about 20 years ago? 

Tommy was one of his favourite harmonica players so this was natural way to
start. I guess they did not get much rehearsal time.

Paul took over as NHL President following the death of Larry Adler.


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