[Harp-L] Slide Lubricants

Playing only Chromatics since 1954, I have not found a suitable slide lubricant that; will not migrate to the valves, not gum or bind up while being non toxic.  Plain water in a small spray bottle still works best to me and I can expect the slide to be bound up when it sits for an hour after a three hour gig. During my gigs, I constantly spray water on the slide which keeps me in business. To loosen the slide when stuck, I simply spray water on it and wait a few minutes. Then it loosens. 

I am of the opinion the chemical makeup if one's saliva and how wet one plays influences how well the slide operates without lubrication.  One thing that helps is to finesse the slide components.  

I sure wish there was a solution, no pun, to lubrication and valve issues. 


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