Re: [Harp-L] "Most" harmonica players, MM and nM Lee Oskar

I've played 1 position ever since my dad taught me harmonica at around age  
12.  Can play most any tune.
Just started studying blues 3 months and now am learning about 2nd  
position...very cool.
Blues Girl Phyllis  

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robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

On Sun,  Nov 9, 2014 at 2:47 PM, Rick Dempster  <rickdempster33@xxxxxxxxx>

> I think you are right,  Robert. If we were talking pre-WWII though, I'd
> replace 2nd with  1st.

I think I could say with much more confidence that most of  recorded popular
music (radio hits), television themes, and movie  transitions are 2P 
The first position (1P) exceptions are easily  noted - Dylan, Neil Young,
Tom Petty, Billy Joel.

We still don't  have any numbers on harps sold, that are played in first
position. But  everybody knows SOMEONE who does! <grin>

Robert Hale
Serious  Honkage in  Arizona

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