Re: [Harp-L] New Electric Harmonica

I can't yet identify our supplier but I can say that the reeds, reedplates and combs are of the highest quality and made by a company with harmonica expertise. Those components are airtight and I believe that the production version of the entire instrument will be more airtight than a conventional harmonica's cover plates. Players have had no problem playing the prototype, which isn't quite as sealed as the production version will be.

Regarding tunings, as I mentioned in the post, I want to get feedback from players on what keys they prefer, but theoretically we can offer cassettes in standard Richter tuning from Low C to F. There's also no reason why our vendor won't be able to supply custom tunings to order.

On 11/9/2014 5:59 AM, Boris Plotnikov wrote:
Very interesting. Does it utilize regular reeds and reedplates and standart harmonica airflow?
If yes, it have to allow to use very high quality reedplates (e.g. customized), e.g. fits standart reedplates (hohner, suzuki, seydel, tombo) and have to be airtight in construction. Do you mean some shell for standart combs+reedplates?

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