Re: [Harp-L] New Electric Harmonica

Ronnie Schreiber wrote:
<While I believe that my idea has advantages over other methods of 
<amplification, I'm not trying to replace existing systems that create 
<good tone. If you're happy with your rig, that's great. The idea is to 
<give harmonica players another tool in their gig case. BTW, your RP355 
<will work just fine with it. I'm using a RP250 for testing purposes and 
<everything seems to work.
<Once I get it into production, if people like it I expect that players 
<will develop patches and presets for it for Digitech and other 
<multi-effects devices like Richard Hunter and Jim Antaki have already 
<done for their gear.

I'm certainly looking forward to checking this device out.  More colors = better as a rule. 

Regards, Richard Hunter

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