[Harp-L] Widow's Walk (Live)

I've posted a live recording of my piece "Widow's Walk" for harmonica solo to my site at this URL:

This piece was recorded at the same gig where I played a duet with master chromatic harmonica player and composer Wim Dijkgraaf on "Comin Home baby"; there's a link to that performance in this post as well.

"Widow's Walk" is one of my most complex compositions for harmonica solo, and a good example of the kinds of things you can do with a natural minor diatonic that can't be done with anything else.  I may publish an analysis of it to my site soon; stay tuned.  In the meantime, let me just note that you can't play a bad-sounding chord on a natural minor; whatever notes you're playing with whatever other notes, it sounds good.

This piece was recorded straight off the PA system with my Zoom H4, and there are no FX in sight.  


Regards, Richard Hunter

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