[Harp-L] taking control away from your instrument.

I just remembered a technique from my clarinet days that seems to help on harmonica. I've only tried on chromatic harmonica, but someone with time on his/her hands and lofty goals might also benefit from the exercises on diatonic instruments as well.

Several (three) people have asked me to put some exercises up on my site, and this is one. 

I'm finding that revisiting it is helpful to me, but, as a Spoiler Alert,  the last sentence of it is:

"And I know what you may be thinking: "It's not worth the effort", and you're probably right."

It can be found on my site if you go from http://jonkip.com  to the "learning" tab and then to "random bits of information".


The philosopher Socrates, discovered to his dismay that he was the smartest person in Athens merely because he, and he alone, recognized how ignorant he was.

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