[Harp-L] playing upside down

Somewhere early in the ongoing discussion about overblowing via the "Asbury method", a statement was made to the effect that playing the harp upside down (numbered holes on the bottom) was not a valid technique. However, a number of famous players used this technique, including Paul Butterfield (diatonic), William Clarke (diatonic and chromatic), Wayne Raney (diatonic), Jerry McCain (diatonic and chromatic), Good Rockin' Charles Edwards (diatonic), and Sonny Terry (diatonic). You do it the way you learned how. It's the musical product that matters, and I don't think anyone can dispute the fact that the individuals mentioned above all made some wonderful music. There are most likely any number of other examples, some who may have even learned to overblow upside down. Pete Sheridan Jukester's Harmonica Supplies www.petesheridan.net 
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