[Harp-L] re: Positional Thinking

And so do I. Not only in blues contexts but I often try to extrapolate the chord/arpeggiating possibilities from those eight positions that I use.

There are downsides to it, if you let it rule you completely, but at times you can sound extremely nifty with rather a little technical input. (Think "Don Les".)

>Certainly.  I have talked with many players who do the same and I teach
>this method.
>Michael Rubin

On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 10:15 PM, Dan Hazen <bluesmandan76@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sometimes when I'm playing, I think of the "position" that is appropriate
> for the chord I'm playing. For instance, in a standard blues tune, the I
> Chord is 2nd position.... the IV chord is 1st position, and the V chord is
> 3rd position. For minor blues, the I Chord is 3rd position, the IV chord is
> 2nd position, the V chord is 4th position (relative minor).

> I'm wondering: does anyone else do this? Do you ever approach each chord in
> terms of the position it corresponds to on the harp... and mentally make a
> "switch"? I've never heard anyone express it in these terms before, and I
> think it might be a useful approach for some...

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