Re: [Harp-L] Positional Thinking

In a standard blues tune, you got the I chord in 2nd position correct.

However, it may be more accurate to start to perceive the IV chord as 1st position Dominant 7th and the V chord as 3rd position Major, making the necessary adjustments to certain notes of each position to correspond to those Dominant 7th and Major scales.

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Sometimes when I'm playing, I think of the "position" that is appropriate
for the chord I'm playing. For instance, in a standard blues tune, the I
Chord is 2nd position.... the IV chord is 1st position, and the V chord is
3rd position. For minor blues, the I Chord is 3rd position, the IV chord is
2nd position, the V chord is 4th position (relative minor).

I think of those positions for each change, and it helps me play a little
more freely over the changes using different licks than I might otherwise.
As you know, each position has its own feel and particular licks, so this
approach adds a little variety... That is, you could approach a standard
blues, for instance, ONLY thinking about 2nd position licks... which is
what I think most people probably do.  But if you think of the position
that fits the chord changes... then you have 2nd, 1st, and 3rd position
licks in mind as you move through the song. It makes my playing a little
more varied, I think. For me, it mentally "feels" like playing guitar and
moving my hand to a different pentatonic position for each chord... almost
like changing harmonicas for each chord (but not quite).

I'm wondering: does anyone else do this? Do you ever approach each chord in
terms of the position it corresponds to on the harp... and mentally make a
"switch"? I've never heard anyone express it in these terms before, and I
think it might be a useful approach for some...


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