[Harp-L] re: lurkers

a response to my earlier post.... much food for thought for all of us here
on this harmonica playground....

Hi Warren:
Thank you for saying this.....
I have posted maybe three time on this list, twice my comments were replied
to in a way that made me feel stupid or that I had no business saying
anything.  I feel its safer if I just read and keep my thoughts to myself.
I'm not a pro player .... I just enjoy playing the basic diatonic
harmonica. I joined this group to hopefully learn and glean from the
experience expressed here. And I do feel like I benefit from what I read. I
like to believe that the harmonica community is one of the friendliest
groups I've ever been blessed to be a part of, and in most of my encounters
I have not been disappointed.... everyone has been kind accommodating, and
friendly. But in this list twice I have encountered the other side. The
last post I sent, I felt kinda "diss-ed" by a responder...
I know I shouldn't let those few affect me so much, but I guess Im a little
sensitive that way. So, I will continue to keep reading. Maybe at some time
I will feel safe enough again to post a thought or idea or ask a question.
Until then....  Happy Harping :-)

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