[Harp-L] Butterfield on Slowdown

I rather like this clip of Butterfield on Slowdown. I especially like the set of players, Dr. John on pie-ana, David Sanborn on Sax, and Levon Helm at the sticks.


David Sanborn has been around forever and has a veritable shitlist of musical associations,,Letterman band etc. etc. etc.,,though I never realized before now that he was a sideman for Butterfield.

Levon Helm, one of my favs, drummer and vocalist for the Band, "Up on Cripple Creek",,etc. I could never get over how a guy can sing and swing sticks rhythmically at the same time. And then there's the feet going as well. Must be "in the zone",, like Joe Cocker with his arms flailing,,

Here you can see him at work:


Dr. John,,, goes without saying,, whatever I was going to say,,lol.

Butter, with his 545SD or whatever it is,,

I wonder just how heavy those suckers are. I always have trouble with the weight of my SM57 beta. It always feels like it wants to drag my head down. I like lightweight mikes that just do their job without "continually wanting to be noticed" by virtue of their mass/girth. Their job is just to be an extension of my inner vision, nothing more. Not some pretty piece for gearheads in the audience to lust after,,lol.

But that 545 does appear a bit massive. Sounds great, however.


Robert, curious crusader of cool, contemporary of crafty cats,,

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