[Harp-L] Butter trivia

I happened upon this bit of Butter trivia today, whilst perusing the internetz,,

On the wikipedia site for the Goodson-Todman television offering, "To Tell the Truth", was this:

Under the sub-heading "Notable Contestants", there's a reference to Paul Butterfield:

"Blues harmonica player Paul Butterfield, who played with the Butterfield blues band."

(a very understated reference, indeed, stating that "he played with the band",,but at least he's mentioned. Of course, many of our most prominent harp players would rather be known as band members than as band leaders, due to the inherent and obvious humility that playing the harp seems to impart to one who plays,, the harp, a humble instrument in its own right,,hehe,,)

It mentions in the article, that often the contestants would be allowed to display something of their particular skills, after having competed.

I would have loved to see PB play something on "To Tell the Truth". As entertaining as the show was, it could have used a bit of his style. THAT would have been some show indeed.

(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Tell_the_Truth)

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