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 "Brian Stear" wrote:
Hi everyone...just wondering if you ever did this. IÃÂÂd like to use it for recording but since it doesnÃÂÂt have USB, IÃÂÂm wondering if I could still plug the output into my microphone input on my computer, and run the level REAL low.
  Looking forward to the day when I have a 355, though with Richards patches, the 200 sounds really good. People are always impressed.........saw a reasonable 300 the other day, but it didnÃÂÂt have USB either.

Hi Brian,

Right, the 200/300 don't have USB, so you have to use some other input to record with it.  I do NOT recommend that you use the MIC input on your computer--the 200 has a line output, not a mic-level output, and you're not going to get a very good signal into the computer that way.  If your computer has a line-level input to the soundcard, use that.  If not, consider getting an inexpensive USB audio interface--good ones are available for $100-125 dollars. 

One of the advantages the newer RPs have is that they also function as a very decent USB audio interface. They also have MUCH better reverbs, which counts for harmonica, and they also have better FX in general.  I checked sales for used RPs at the other day, and used RP255s are going for between $50-$75, which is a very good deal on an audio interface, never mind a better RP.  So DON'T blow your money on an RP300--get something newer if you want an upgrade.

FYI, I offer anyone with a current Huntersounds licence a cross-grade deal to a different RP license for $15. So if you decide to go for a newer RP, the patch set will be inexpensive.

Regards, Richard Hunter   

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